Join Together Strong

Be prepared to help a fellow veteran or service member.

Learn how to have a conversation that can make a difference.

The challenges don't end after deployment. Civilian life can be tough too. Use this free app to practice what to say and do when a peer is struggling with adjustment to civilian life. Through interactive role-play and simulations, you'll become prepared to have a conversation that will motivate a friend to seek help, build resilience, and lead a positive life.


Whether you are an organization or an individual, you can make a difference by sharing Together Strong with your friends, family, colleagues and professional networks.

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Watch the video to see how Together Strong works.

Together Strong Trailer Video


Together Strong is built on a conversational approach that has been proven effective by dozens of research studies. It focuses on empathy, trust, and collaboration to help others strengthen their own motivation for change. More

Minimum Technical Requirements

The system requirements for viewing a streaming media event on a PC or Mac computer are:

Installed RAM: 2 GB RAM minimum High Definition, 1 GB RAM minimum Low Definition

Hard Drive: at least 500MB free disk space

Minimum Operating System: All common Windows platforms from Windows Vista SP2 and later
Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later for Unity Player

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q When launching Together Strong, a new tab or window opens up but nothing appears on the screen. What's the problem?
A The simulation requires Unity Web Player, a program for running and displaying different types of media, in order to function properly. It must be version 4.3 or higher. Try installing Unity Web Player and re-launching Together Strong. You can find the latest version here:
Q While in simulated conversations in the course, I encounter strange issues that do not allow me to continue the conversation. What should I do?
A First, try re-launching the course. If the problem persists, please contact Kognito's technical support staff and report the issue. Try to explain where in the conversation you encountered the error and/or any other information that might be helpful. You can contact the support staff directly by clicking here: [email protected].
Q I'm interested in sharing this resource with others. Where can I learn more about it?
A You can learn more about Together Strong and other virtual-role-play products at